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thursday tidbits

greetings!  sorry for being so quiet – just trying to keep all of the balls in motion over here.  the holiday card mad dash is on, and my coffee intake is way up.  and please, nobody tell me how many more days until christmas or i will totally freak out!!!!  really.

there is nothing more gratifying than packaging up an order to be delivered to its owner…for so long, you talk about ideas, look at electronic proofs on the computer screen but then – all of a sudden, it’s come to fruition and you’re holding it in your hand.  and the best part, you’re finished.

y’all know how there was some election this week?  one of our family friends stopped by to look after the kids (thank you kate!!) so i could run to the voting booth in the morning.  i cruised through the parking lot of the elementary school where we vote, scouting for a spot, and out of the periphery of my left eye, i saw a guy walking between a couple of cars to get to the front door.  i thought hmm, he’s cute, oh wait is that a spot right there?  and then i looked back to see that it was rbb.  how crazy?!  so we stood in line together and then voted in carrels next to each other…for different people :)

it’s been a lively week around these parts – our next door neighbor had a small, rather insignificant (thank goodness) fire caused by their dryer on friday night.  we saw 2 fire trucks and a police car in front of our house when we were coming back from picking up our friday night pizza – and i don’t care if it’s a cat in a tree, that will fray your nerves to see!  rush was transfixed, however.

as much as he might want to be a firefighter…i think we have an engineer in the making.  this was on the floor last night.  it’s probably a morse code algorithm or something.

rinne gets to be my sidekick on all sorts of fun outings when her brother is in preschool.  we went to the bank yesterday and she was all about the copier.  she’s just like her mama – prefers paper to finance (do y’all even believe that was my major?!  ugh!).

must run, i hear some merry little cards calling…


p.s. can you tell i love my instagram app?  my user name is @calliespondence if you’d like to follow along!


  • Kayce Hughes on Nov 08, 2012 Reply

    You must be crazy busy at this time of year!

    • callie on Nov 09, 2012 Reply

      crazy busy in the best way possible – but still crazy!! :)

  • Katherine Womack on Nov 08, 2012 Reply

    I’m jealous of your fancy Georgia peach sticker. Tennessee wasn’t into stickers this time around. Very disappointing.

    • callie on Nov 08, 2012 Reply

      you are kidding – whaaaa? actually i think i heard some chatter about NYC not having any stickers either. but i mean – they have a good excuse.

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