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have y’all caught on to the pinterest craze yet??  it is the BEST.  you can organize all of your favorite images that you find online in little categorized boards, repin images you find from your friends (who you “follow”) and it is just the most fun.  i have gotten so many great dinner recipes, party ideas and decorating inspirations so far.  i highly suggest you join if you haven’t already!

just look at what i am on the up and up with after learning from my friends on pinterest.  so much.

great go-by for my bookshelves.  plus i love a framed piece of art hanging on them…so unexpected.

i just do back flips every time i see this room.  so perfectly imperfect!  so random yet goes!

i had a little deja vu when i saw this kitchen image…i had just been poring over it in an old issue of atlanta homes and lifestyles a couple of nights before.  it’s a kitchen in madison, georgia of all places – where my dad’s family hails from and where i spent many a lazy sunday afternoon after church on my grandmother’s front porch growing up.  it is such a wonderful town.  love the beadboard, the vintage ship lighting fixures, the reclaimed hardwood floor, the marble countertops, the island…
as of right now, i am officially on the hunt for all of things, an old garden rake.  i am sure rbb will think i have gone bonkers when i bring it home, but what a chic way to hang your necklaces!   mine are forever getting tangled in my jewelry box.
of course i have a board devoted to paper.  are these not the cutest place settings slash favors you’ve ever seen?  would be so sweet for a little girl baby shower.
embarrassingly enough, the board of mine that has the most pins on it is the food board.  such irony from the pregnant girl.  but i can’t help it, it all looks so delish!!!  and i want to make it all.  oh, and there are always links accompanying the gorgeous photos so you can track down the recipe.
these summer corn cakes with tomato and avocado salsa may be dinner tonight…if i can find some ripe avocados at the farmer’s market this morning, that is.
and with autumn on the brain, are these cookies not genius?!?!  or that would be, jenius if you watched last monday’s bachelor pad…no judgement.  i kind of live for that show.
and for fab party ideas, check this out.  premade cocktails in mason jars.  just grab one and go.  love!
viva pinterest.  see you there i hope!

  • Bon Lemon on Aug 29, 2011 Reply

    Love Pinterest! It will never replace my love of sitting in bed ripping out pages of magazines. (Sometimes when I am doing so, I think, "Oh, I should be doing this on Pinterest…") But Pinterest is a close second. Happy pinning! :)

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