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katie + jess – classic southern elegance

one of my favorite parts of this stationery gig is working with brides.  i just love helping a gal out with her wedding vision and getting to know all of the big day’s details, then hearing all about it and seeing pictures after the fact.  it is just the most fun!  the bride and i usually get pretty tight by the end of our time together – it is a months long process after all, and you exchange emails fairly frequently.  i felt like katie and i went through her entire engagement together – she had been referred to me by her friend haley (another past bridal client i love!  although have never met!) right after that ring was slipped on her finger, and since she and her fiance planned their wedding six months out, we had to gets to stepping!  so that we did, and we worked together right up to the end on her wedding program.  we had such fun…and she even blogged about calliespondence.  i mean, i have the coolest clients.

you rebels will love this – katie and jess’s wedding was in oxford, mississippi.  you don’t get much more small town southern charm than there!  i love it.  for the invitations, she chose a custom calligraphy design in gold ink, letterpressed on crane’s beautiful cream lettra paper.  we lined the envelopes in a metallic gold mums print…it was just the right balance of whimsy and elegance.

p.s. all of the gorgeous photos are courtesy of karlin connell.  (for more, her blog on the wedding {with vendors} is here)

we had the same calligrapher address the envelopes so everything coordinated…

the program was a long and skinny format with the newly married couple’s monogram at the top…

i cannot get over how beautiful everything was (most of all, katie!)…

congrats to katie and jess – i’m honored to have had a part in your big day!!

  • Heidi Metcalfe on Aug 16, 2012 Reply

    CALLIE. I WANT THESE WEDDING INVITATIONS. katie… will you mind? :)

  • Katie @ Noodle and Boof on Aug 14, 2012 Reply

    Callie! What a beautiful tribute to our wedding! Jess and I appreciate your kind words and lovely recollection of our wedding. I have heard countless times how amazing our invitations were and I cannot agree more. I enjoyed each aspect of the “paper” process with you from initial concepts to the excitement of the final reveal when I opened that big beautiful box from you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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