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coco before chanel: movie and makeup

rbb and i watched this movie over the weekend (can you tell who takes care of our netflix queue?) and i just loved it.  it’s a biopic of coco chanel’s life, concentrating on how she got to be coco chanel and not so much what happened after.  france makes for a beautiful setting and audrey tautou does a wonderful job playing the young, stubborn, rebel that was coco chanel.  i didn’t know that about her but it makes me like her all the more.  and of course the fashion was tip-top.

i always thought (assumed, rather) that she was a prim and proper lady from a blue-blood french family…not at all.  if you like fashion and don’t mind subtitles, you should see this movie – one of my favorites i’ve seen in a long time.

to time travel to modern-day chanel’s empire, i do not own any chanel clothes (pshaw!).  in the meantime, i will have to get my chanel kicks from the makeup alone.  i was actually just turned onto it from my friend anne.  and holy smokes, what a difference.  for the longest time, i had been a disciple of lancome dual action makeup….one of those foundation/powder combo things.  turns out it doesn’t pay to be lazy with makeup.  i had really liked it and thought i looked ok….until i ran out of it and headed right for the chanel counter based on anne’s great review. 

just a quick word about new makeup – doesn’t it make you get out of bed faster in the morning? sometimes i’ll wake up and curse my alarm like normal, but then remember that i have *new makeup* to put on and i get so excited i jump out of bed. 

anyhow, my gal at the chanel counter suited me up with their teint innocence foundation, finished off with their powder (and as anne told me – what girl doesn’t feel glamorous using a chanel compact??  so true.). 

just the feel of my skin with the makeup on is radically different, not to mention i still look like i actually have makeup on come 3:00 in the afternoon.  i have been wearing it for around 6 weeks now, and have been getting a lot of  “um….did you do something….different?”  like they want to say, “WOW – you look a whole heck of a lot better than you used to but i can’t place what you did, what is it?!”  which i guess is technically a compliment.
whatever, i’ll take it. 

  • Anne on Dec 20, 2010 Reply

    Awww…!!! Great post! Thanks so much for the shout out! :)

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