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free personalization on holiday tags through 8/31!

hi friends!

hope you all had a wonderful summer!!  ours went by fast and also crawled…i feel like summers have a way of doing that :)  i honestly cannot believe it is nearly time to start thinking about CHRISTMAS THINGS!  crazy.  i am working on some super cute new designs, and will have everything loaded up soon!  i don’t know if i ever formally announced it here, i think i just mentioned it on instagram and facebook (both @ or /calliespondence if you want to follow, i am able to be a bit more active there)…but i am not taking deposits / a limited number of spots for early bird specials this year.  WHAT?!  that’s right, YOU can be an early bird!  in fact, anyone can — anyone that can get me their photograph and card design ready to go by october 20, that is!  so book your photogs and get your outfits ready.  25 free cards await!

however, in the meantime…  our free holiday tag personalization time of year is HERE!  it runs through august, so be sure to place your orders by wednesday, august 31.  here’s what you do: check out with any of the listings on etsy for the BLANK holiday tags (section is here).  pricing is $1/per tag — and you can have them personalized for FREE!  usual price for that is $1.50/per tag, so it is quite a good deal.  include your name(s) in the “notes to seller” box when you check out — i’ll send them to print and ship them to you in september.  fun, huh?  you can be “that” person who is soooo on top of things for the (always nutty) holiday season!  or, buy holiday gifts for friends and teachers ahead of time.  i should add that all of the tags read “xoxo,” — but you may put whatever you like.  i’ve done “warmly,” “from,” “love,” or just nothing besides the name.  just let me know what you’d like and i’ll make it happen!

here’s a closer look at the tags — seeing them makes me want a gingerbread spice latte.

NEW this year: “merry everything” confetti tags.

christmas confetti 2

gold on cream “merry christmas.”

gold on cream

green on white “merry christmas.”

(available with the red velvet ribbon here.)

green with red velvet 1

red on kraft “merry christmas.”

(available with red/cream cotton ribbon here.)

kraft with red stripe 2

last but not least, red on cream “merry christmas.”

red on creamyay!  speaking of bargains, i just added these cute calling cards to the sale section — they are half off!  a set of 30 is only $15.  only a handful of sets available, so get ’em quick.

il_570xN.711307087_jmn6alright… i leave you to your holiday preparedness, right after you return from your trip to the pool. ;)

back soon — preschool starts tomorrow so probability of blog posts is at an all-time high!


black friday tag sale!

hello friends!

i trust you all had a good thanksgiving…we had a good and very thankful one.  and now, it’s nice that the rest of the world will catch up with me, in having Christmas officially on the brain!!  sort of feel like i’ve been drinking from red starbucks cups and feeling jolly for months now :)  christmas card season is in full swing and it’s always so fun.  i LOVE the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and helping you all get your cards ready to go out and greet the world!

but first — BLACK FRIDAY.  and its new indie companion, SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY.  i’ve never done any promotion for either, and i think it’s high time i get in on the fun.  so, today and all of tomorrow (until 11:59 p.m. on 11/28/2015), enjoy 40% off on our gold foil cheers tags!!!  use code CHEERS upon check out in the etsy shop (all gold foil tags located here).  you may not have met our new lady, light pink

light pink gift

i did a small run of these a while back, and loved them so much i hoarded them for myself mostly!  but now, they are available to the masses.  so go forth and give sweet, girlie gifts.

also new, a multi-colored pack of 20 tags!  there are 4 each of our 5 colors — turquoise, white, green, red and light pink.  perfect for year round gift giving!  we’ve had many requests for a multi-pack and here it is.

gold foil multipackoh!  i should add that all orders $50 and over will receive a free spool of coordinating ribbon (i’ll pick something cute to go with what you purchased).  i’m headed back into my black hole until mid-december when the holiday rush dies down…  happy Christmas & mailbox season until then!!


monthly sale notecards announcement!

hi friends!

hope all of your summers are off to a swinging start!  ours began with a bang: preschool graduation, a beach trip, a fun week of VBS and a little boy turning SIX.  how in the world that is possible, i don’t even know.  i’m hoping to do a separate post on his birthday party soon, and also some really fun party & wedding posts, so stay tuned!!

but today, i’m here to tell you about something new that i’m doing – introducing a monthly sale notecard!  you see, i have SO VERY MANY envelope liners here in the worldwide HQ.  way too many.  in order to clear out some liner patterns that i had low inventory on or that had been discontinued, i had a mini-cleanout sale back in may.  it was great fun, and i love being able to give people a bargain!!  i sold sets of 12 personalized notecards with lined envelopes for $18 – half price, and also in a quantity that is perfect for gifts that i usually don’t offer.  after it was over, i thought – why not do this on a monthly basis with a different notecard each month?  this way, there is always a lower priced option for people, and also a great gift idea for teachers, friends, what have you.  they will be different from month to month; sometimes they’ll be for women and girls, sometimes for little boys…  you’ll just have to wait and see. :)

the monthly sale notecard for june is now live in the etsy shop!  i love these for girls of any age.  the notecards feature a pink name with an aqua heart, paired with an aqua envelope and fun pink/white geometric patterned liner that i’ve always loved.  you can purchase them here, and if you’d like more than 12, you can order as many sets as you wish at that price! this will be up until june 30th, so get your order in while supplies last.

aqua and pink heart 1

aqua and pink heart 2happy bargain shopping, pals.


TAG SALE: bits & pieces – SOLD OUT

i am so excited for the first calliespondence tag sale!!!  these items are all samples i was holding on to for…i guess posterity.  but what good are they doing in my sample bins when you could be sending cute love letters?  here’s how to purchase:

– if you see an item that you like and that does not have SOLD next to it, email me at to claim it.  please refer to the item letter when you’re placing your order if you don’t mind.

– include your preferred paypal email address, and i will send you an invoice.  shipping is $2 per item, but it will top out at $6.

– once your paypal invoice is taken care of, i’ll ship your parcels off to you!

without further adieu, here are the bits & pieces items.  these are PERFECT if you get bored of notecard styles easily, or just love a fun variety with which to write.

ITEM A: size A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) flat printed cards with hot pink trellis liner and navy envelope.  3 quantity.  regular per piece price: $7.50 – tag sale price, $5 – SOLD

item A

ITEM B: size A6 (4.5″ x 6.25″) flat printed “hello” notecards with navy quatrefoil lined yellow envelopes.  quantity 6. regular per piece price: $18 – tag sale price: $12 – SOLD

item B - hello fullclose up of item B…

item B - HELLO close up

item C: size A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) flat printed thank you cards with coordinating aqua patterned envelope liner. 4 quantity.  regular per piece price: $10 – tag sale price: $6.50 – SOLD

item C

item D: size A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) flat printed thank you cards with lily pulitzer envelope liner. 7 quantity.  regular per piece price: $17.50 – tag sale price: $12 – SOLD

item D

item E: navy and green suite!  1x A6 size thank you notecard with envelope lined with abstract floral print; 4x size A2 nautical thank you notes with plain (i.e. unlined) green envelopes.  regular per piece price: $11 – tag sale price: $8 – SOLDitem E

item F: size A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) flat printed nautical thank you cards with yellow bamboo envelope liner. 6 quantity.  regular per piece price: $15 – tag sale price: $10 – SOLD

item F

item G: size A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) flat printed “H” cards with navy quatrefoil envelope liner. 4 quantity.  regular per piece price: $10 – tag sale price: $6.50 – SOLD

item G

item H: size A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) flat printed elephant thank you cards – 2 pink/green color scheme, 2 turquoise/green color scheme.  regular per piece price: $7 – tag sale price: $4 – SOLD

item H

item I: size A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) flat printed thank you cards with birds envelope liner and rounded corners.  5 quantity.  regular per piece price: $12.50 – tag sale price: $10 – SOLD

item Iitem J: size A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″) flat printed thank you cards with monkey envelope liner.  4 quantity.  regular per piece price: $10 – tag sale price: $6.50 – SOLD

item Jitem K: size A6 (4.5″ x 6.25″) flat printed owl thank you notecards.  quantity 3.  PLEASE NOTE only one of the envelopes is lined – the other two are a tan color, unlined.  regular per piece price: $7 – tag sale price: $4 – SOLD

item K

that’s it for today!  check back tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. EST for gift tags, holiday items and a few full notecard sets…