modern foldovers

there is something so feminine and classic about a foldover note.  i guess since they are (etiquette-wise) for gals only, that’s why!  but when a recent client was looking for a gift for her sister, she requested a modern monogram on a foldover note.  i love the result – an update on a grand old traditional.

i love the color palette she chose – a gorgeous sage green paired with a light beige.  simply divine.

we suited the lucky gift recipient up with some cute address labels, too!

who says the classics have to be boring?  not so!


purple and orange monogrammed notecards

my good friend portia needed a gift for someone who did something very nice for her…and really, who wouldn’t like to receive a set of personalized notecards?  it’s so nice; all the work is done and the recipient can just go forth and thank, say hello, drop a line to whomever they choose.  it’s a good gift.  for these notecards, we used a chic orange and beet palette with a stylish monogram and dot border…check it.

if you ever need a gift to give, calliespondence can suit you right up with petite personalized notecards and lined envelopes (you may choose from a predetermined selection of liners, but i will assure you they are all cute!) for $2/each.  just shoot us an email to get started!
go forth and give…it feels good.

joyful birds + kraft paper stationery

one of the most fun (why isn’t funnest a word…i like it?!) parts of getting married is putting your new monogram into play.  this particular client i worked with on her wedding weekend itineraries and then later, two sets of notecards with her brand spanking new monogram.  what a thrill to see your new moniker printed on stationery!! 

for one set, we lined kraft paper envelopes with elum’s joyful birds print which i just love.  it’s so bold and happy…and in cutting it up into liners, you get great little pieces of birds and flourishes in each envelope.  we then slapped my client’s new monogram on white cardstock with a simple border – here is the result!

makes me joyful to look at, so i can only imagine receiving a set with a letter penned on it!


oregon uniform inspired notecards

did y’all watch the national championship last night?  of course, right?  so you saw the oregon uniforms…so awesome.  i loved all of the details – the neon socks, the numbers on the sleeves of the grey undershirt, the detail neon piping on the big numbers on the front/back of the jersey, even matching neon skullcaps for crying out loud!!  most exciting football uniform i’ve seen in a long time.  (not that the silver britches don’t get me every time…)

seeing the oregon players’ outfits reminded me of some notecards i just did for my mom to give as a gift.  we did a simple monogram foldover card in chartreuse/grey and paired it with a grey and chartreuse leaf liner in the same colors. now, this is not nearly as electric as the neon color in last night’s game, but you can really get away with a bright color paired with grey any day of the week.  it’s like an instant neutralizer…love it!

and, go SEC.  glad we showed them what’s up.  happy for all of my auburn friends!

a classic monogram.

you can’t go wrong with the classics.  cast iron bedframes, silver serving trays, your grandmother’s recipe for cheese straws, a chanel suit (one day, i will own you!), a sidecar cocktail.  these things will always be fashionable in their traditionality, and are always in good taste.  one thing we could add to that list is a ladies’ monogram in a scroll font – there is just something so graceful and feminine about it…you can’t go wrong with it!

my cousin sophie (whose fabulous wedding you may recall) asked me to design her some notecards featuring her monogram, for all of those thank you notes a bride writes over the course of an engagement.  she chose a blue ink color that we printed in thermography on white paper and white envelopes to match with a cute polka dot liner. 

how lovely!

just a side note…the dried flowers in the vase are from my and rbb’s wedding day (arranged by the irrepressible jen dipasquale).  coincidentally, we are celebrating our anniversary on sunday! 
hope you all have wonderful weekends!