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balloon gender reveal

i just had to share this with you; i think it’s so cool.  my friend jen who has the amazing house (and amazing talent as an interior designer), throws amazing parties and is just all-around amazing, is pregnant with her second child.  she did not find out the gender with her first pregnancy, and i have to admit i was a little peeved when she decided to do that.  i didn’t know anyone who chose to not know back then, and what the heck was i going to get her for a baby gift anyway?!  (she was one of my first friends to have a baby, if it isn’t obvious.  now i know: go off the registry for the shower gift and save the fun outfit or whatever for after it’s born.)  but i cannot tell you what anticipation i was writhing with when she finally went into labor with carson… i mean i was waiting by the phone like a 6th grade girl without a date to the spring fling.  i enjoyed the anticipation and reward so much that we didn’t find out with either of our babies.

anyhow, they decided to change things up this time and it was a great way to involve carson in all the fun!  jen had her doctor’s office write down the gender, put it into an envelope, and she took said envelope to a store that blows up balloons.  jen, help – where do you go for that?  hallmark?  are those even around anymore?  when i worked at the athens, georgia hallmark in 2000 we blew up balloons :)  she left the envelope with them and told them to blow up either pink or blue balloons and put them in a sealed box…then got gussied up with her adorable family, took a friend to photograph, and unwrapped the box.

first, could they be any cuter.  jen doesn’t even look pregnant (b&$#*).

i seriously can hear jen’s laugh right now just looking at this picture.

how fun is that – a little man joining the ranks this summer!!  i cannot WAIT to meet him.
girl, get your running shoes ready.  they are a crazy breed…but they do love their mamas :) 


  • Molly Marler on Feb 07, 2012 Reply

    oh this is SO cute! And of course your link love led me to stalk the pics of jen's home–yet again… is there anything this woman can't do?! ahem…much like…YOU! love you, Cal. Miss you!!! xo

  • jen on Feb 07, 2012 Reply

    I was trying to make it fun for Carson since she was adamant she did not want a baby brother. Balloons were definitely the answer and she is excited now that baby brother sent her balloons. It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad we have the pictures to remember that moment!! And after the first party I had for Carson (after driving 15 miles with balloons popping and not being able to see out of my car) i discovered your local grocery store's floral department blows up balloons! i'm so happy rush is going to have a little friend to play with at the beach. love you, xoxo

  • Peggy Fisher on Feb 07, 2012 Reply

    Now can anyone top that idea? I think not!

  • Christina on Feb 07, 2012 Reply

    Love this!

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