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30th birthday party invitation with a mini folded card for details…

in my humble opinion, the best party invitations are the ones that have a nice, classic appearance but just one special trait that makes them stand apart from the rest.  whether it’s a zig-zag thread running across the top, a piece of grosgrain ribbon texture or rounded corners, it’s always in the details.  so when our friend matt commissioned me to design his wife meredith’s 30th birthday invitation, i found the perfect opportunity for the detail.

he reserved the top floor of a cool midtown bar, and lined up a super fun band…and had several items regarding parking, food and whether it’s a surprise party (it wasn’t) that he wanted to convey to the guests.  you really don’t want to put ancillary information front and center on an invitation because it crowds up the text and takes away from the glamour of the event (at least – that’s what i think).  so, i added in a little flap of paper that had a “30″ on the outside, but when you opened it up…you found the helpful information about parking and other things.  we went with a navy blue, pink and peach color palette and here is the final product!

now when you open the flap…voila!
get up in there on the borders and colors…
now who wouldn’t want to go to this party.

rbb and i attended the soiree and we had a BALL.  way too much of a ball judging by how i felt on sunday. happy 30th meredith (in 3 days!) and great job on the planning, matt!!


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