December, 2011

my dad’s favorite picture

today would have been my dad’s 63rd birthday.  he LOVED this picture. we had these two hills in our backyard and they were fabulous for a) sledding on the 1-2 days a year we had snow in georgia (usually in march or april, randomly) and b) big wheel / bike riding.  this picture sums up everything my dad loved – his family, collie dogs, and a good cigar.  and me picking my nose.

happy birthday, dad!


christmas day brunch

my farmer’s market floral arrangement…three white hydrangea stems, a handful of hypericum berries and salal (at least, that’s what my receipt says…it’s the greenery looking stuff) placed into a vintage silver vase.

hope everyone had a very merry holiday!!  we sure did.  we hosted rbb’s family at our house for christmas brunch.  my first time hosting a real christmas meal!  now i just adore a good brunch, and had so much fun coming up with the menu.  it was resplendent with rich foods that i normally would not cook…but hey, it’s christmas for crying out loud!  fantastic excuse for lots of butter and heavy cream.  and who better to go to for delicious, non-skimpy recipes than the barefoot contessa.  she never steers you wrong.

i served ina’s breakfast bread pudding, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and hashed browns with a side of turkey sausage (shoulda gone with pork…what was i thinking?!).

to nibble on after the meal alongside a glass of wine or champagne, i put out ina’s white chocolate bark.  i love a dessert you can serve at room temp and needs no plating other than a cocktail napkin!

as for what santa brought me…can you figure out the word jumble?  and props to rbb for quick thinking when the actual gift did not arrive in time!
that spells….iphone!  yay :)
although these two being healthy and happy is gift enough.
wishing you all wonderful 2012s…can you believe it’s only 5 days away?!  

peace and love

although it’s been said many times, many ways…merry christmas to you.
card details: photograph courtesy of laura negri photography.  1-color letterpress card on crane’s 220 lb. lettra stock.  round return address labels available through calliespondence beginning in 2012!

free to a good home

hi everyone!  we’re cleaning house here in the calliespondence office…and i have a set of 50 notecards with envelopes up for grabs.  they are A6 size (4.5″ x 6.25″) printed on 100 lb. white cardstock with a black and eggplant border and the initials “BG” in the bottom right corner.  my printer printed them on white stock when i needed cream, so they’ve been on the shelf waiting for a nice owner!

only catch to claiming them – your initials must be BG.  once you show me your driver’s license, i’ll stick them in the mail to you (i kid, i kid).  first one to comment that their initials are BG, they’re all yours!

they look fab with their matching eggplant envelopes…

*** update: brenda graham has claimed them!  yay!

the jolly man in red

somewhere between all of the envelope lining and picture affixing, we found time to take the kids (still weird to say that plural version) to see santa.  this year, we opted to visit b.braithwaite’s santa claus, a local baby and children’s boutique that takes appointments and makes for an overall pretty painless experience.

last year, santa was way scary.  this year he was still a little suspect…

and rush wanted to heave ho immediately…

but then santa started talking cars…

and all was right in the world.

rinne was stoic.  and definitely not impressed.

and how 2011 is this – we walked away from santa with a flash drive containing our digital pictures!  wow.



well, the holiday rush has just about come to a close.  i’ve been able to get a few zzzzs, and even shove a few of our own christmas cards out the door…as well as go to the grocery store and take more regular showers, which everyone in this household is thankful for.   i have to admit, it’s nice to go to bed earlier than 2 a.m. again!  the exciting news is that over 3500 households will be receiving a calliespondence holiday card this year.  3500+!   boggles my mind.  crazy.

i can’t tell you how humbled i am by all of the orders i received this holiday season.  i never know going into these holiday seasons how busy i’m going to be (this being my big 2nd one), and i was purely blown away.  it may seem like just a christmas card to some people, but i know how i feel about christmas cards – and they are so much more than a piece of paper.    an imprint of your style and likeness in this year, 2011.  an entry saved in a stack of your family’s holiday cards to look through over the years, or maybe you frame them all together to show the progress of each family member.  a birth announcement saved in a baby book.  these are not things i take for granted, and i am so very honored that so many people would want me to help them preserve this year in the form of a holiday card.

i also am lucky enough to have received some truly sweet and touching client feedback.  i really have the nicest, most thoughtful clients in the world.  i can’t tell you how great it makes me feel when someone loves their cards, and takes the time to send me an email or a text letting me know.  it makes me well up with tears sometimes (not that that’s hard to do while still nursing!  oh the hormones…).  that’s the kind of client experience that i envisioned when i dreamt up calliespondence – there is someone who cares on the other end of the email.  i just don’t think you can get that a lot of places these days.  and maybe this isn’t a very smart business strategy, but i never want calliespondence to become so big that i don’t get to know my clients and lose that personal touch…because that’s why i do this and why i love it.

so thank you all – for reading the blog, for letting me design your holiday cards, for thinking of me when you have a baby to announce, for commenting on facebook, for telling a friend about calliespondence, for making this little pipe dream into a reality.  i have to say, a couple of years ago i never thought it would happen, but i guess it’s just one of those christmas miracles.

they really do exist, y’all.


p.s. a special thanks to rbb who affixed a good many of those cards’ pictures…he’s the best!

the big time

now, i watch like two tv shows.  i’m serious.  i love getting in conversations with people when they’re like, “did you see last week’s modern family?  a riot!”  no, i don’t watch that.  i know, i know, i should.  “oh, there was this hilarious scene in how i met your mother, you saw that right…”  nope…never seen it.  but i do LOVE neil patrick harris’ sesame street shoes routine!  same character?  no, different?  ok never mind.  “gray’s anatomy was so lame last night.”  yeah that’s why i quit watching it four years ago.

you know what show never disappoints, you don’t need any prior knowledge of characters therefore able to jump in anytime AND there’s a spectacular blog recapping the episode to read the next day that’s even funnier than the show itself?

the bachelor!

YES the bachelor.  people, this is good stuff.  you’ve got drama, comedy, love, gaffes of social and fashion kind and usually of epic proportion, total crazies, competition…something for everyone.  i cannot get enough.   and that blog i was talking about…if you watch the bachelor, you have GOT to be reading lincee.

she started out sending an email to a few friends during the andrew firestone season…and i remember every tuesday myself and a group of friends would all frantically try to “get” the lincee recap email.  my friend pam was usually my supplier; she had some kind of in road and i could almost always count on her to send me the goods.  but then after blogs became popular, lincee started one specifically for the recaps so i could get my hands on it at my leisure.   sweet!  and after all these years, i feel like i know her.  i mean, we’ve been through her divorce and new career and getting hired to do the AOL video spots on the bachelor….and now, she’s on the freaking HUFFINGTON POST as a blogger!!!!  how. cool. is. that.  SO big time!  read her first entry here.

i am totally going to say i knew her way back when (because i totally know her).  lincee, hats off to you!!  so excited for you girl.


and p.s. i don’t do the elf on the shelf thing yet, but this blog post is HI-larious.   if you even just know what it is, you’ll find it funny!

260 fifth ave

do you know what is going on right now?

the DVF sample sale.  items are 75% off, people.  oh how i would love to be at 260 fifth ave, new york, new york right now!  i’m sure those racks are full of wrap dresses that would love to find a nice home in my closet.

how much do you love the coat check for the sale.  i mean really?

but even though i would LOVE to be combing the racks in nyc right now, i don’t like anything as much as hanging out with these two.

well, these two and baby jesus (in rush’s hands).  can’t forget him.

winner, winner

i’ve got a winner of the m.elaine beadworks bracelet for y’all! spit out #10…

….and the 10th commenter was reagan!  yay!  i actually have “known” reagan through blog comments for a while, but just met her in person at a baby shower a couple of weekends ago. she’s every bit as fabulous as i expected!  i mean, aren’t all calliespondence blog readers?  si.

reagan, congrats and email me your address!  i’ll send it on to rachel, the mistress of bracelet goodwill at m.elaine.  thanks to rachel for a fun giveaway!!


aqua and coral monogram birth announcement

y’all remember the baby we were feting at this mani/pedi luncheon sprinkle?  well, much to my surprise after swearing up and down that my friend betsey was having a boy…that baby born was a sweet little girl named eleanor evans kates, and she could not be more precious.  she joins big sister helen, who we love and adore in these parts.  here’s a picture of her and “rushie” (as she calls him) hugging at her 2nd birthday party. smores were served which rushie clearly took a liking to.

anyhow, eleanor needed a fabulous and stylish way to be announced, and i had just laid eyes on this new floral pattern to use for the envelope liner and it was a winner!  isn’t it so fun and girly without being foofy?  is foofy a word?  anyway, aqua and coral always look so great together.  just perfect to welcome a june baby!

the announcement was printed in two color thermography, and fashioned a ribbon detail up top.

matching return address labels were made too.

loved helping our friends welcome their sweet eleanor to the world!!
p.s. don’t forget to enter the giveaway for an m.elaine beadworks bracelet here!  open until sunday night…